måndag 1 mars 2010

Thankskilling (2009)

Even though I am Swedish and therefore have no cultural connection to the American tradition of Thanksgiving, there is no way in hell I can ignore a movie with this tagline:

Gobble, gobble motherfucker!

Yes. this is a movie about a punthrowing, demonically possessed, evil turkey. Sometimes you dont need more than that. This is lowbudget filmmaking at its lowest. When the movie starts we are treated to the sight of a pair of giant breasts who belongs to an actress named Wanda Lust who we last saw in movies such as Cock smoking grannies, MILF does a Brotha good! and three parts of the esteemed Older women, younger men series.(The dvdinlay actually promises nudity within the first second. This, however, is a blatant lie. It doesnt actually occur until at least three or four seconds within the movie). We are told that it is 500 years ago and that the halfnude woman is a pilgrim being hunted by a demonically possessed turkey. Now flash forward to present day and we learn that it is Thanksgiving break and a group of characters are all heading home for the holidays. The Jock, the prudish girl, the slut, the fat guy and the nerd. While on the road their car breaks down and they decide to camp for the night, at the exact same time as a Hobos dog pisses on the evil turkey burial ground. Yes, the turkey rises from the dead and starts to hunt down all the characters and their families in all manners of odd ways.

Yes, this is a killer turkey movie. If you knew that already, your expectations are automatically lowered. The jokes are incredibly low but then again, in this kind of movie you dont want them any other way. The actors arent particulary good, but they are in on the joke and you realize that they are having a hard time not cracking up from all that silly dialogue. The story is as coherent as you'd expect but it does resemble a movie with fairly competent photography but you dont really watch this than a long series of goofy gags. There is a lot of cheap, cheesy gore and the turkey itself? Cheap and cheesy, just as expected. For some reason though, the slut is a fairly prude slut and the only nudity is in the beginning of the movie, the cocksmoking grannie.

Ok, to demonstrate why you should ever watch this movie I will have to describe my favorite scene in the movie:
The turkey pays a visit to the prude girls dad, kills him and cuts off his face to wear it as a mask. Of course, the whole group think it's her dad. The sight of a satanic turkey wearing a human facemask, complete with mustasch, is frankly hilarious and the scenes until he is demasked are great fun.

What else can I say? No, this is not a good movie but doesnt, like any Troma movie, throw in everything and the kitchen sink and I had a quaint good time being fully aware of what I was watching. And let us all support this movie because the end credits promise that the Turkey will be back... in SPACE! Let us hope that they throw in some nazizombies and the movie will be perfect.

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