tisdag 29 september 2009

The Deadly affair (1966)

Spy movies are cool. Spy movies with James Mason are cool. Spy movies where the main character has a swedish nymphomaniac for a wife is... well, I dont know. Deadly affair is based on a book by John LeCarre which I havent read. Is she swedish in the book as well or is she swedish just because the whole world thought that all swedish women were nymphomaniacs back in 1965?
Anyway, this is based upon one of John LeCarre books about George Smiley (Charles Dobbs in the movie because Paramount owned the movierights to the character), a british secret agent who is investigating the possible suicide of a person in the Foregin office who is suspected to be an active communist. Of course, matters are not as they seem and when his superiors want to close the case as a suicide, Dobbs resigns and starts to investigate deeper himself. Complicating matters are problems at home with a wife who doesnt seem to keep herself from sleeping with just about any man she can get into the pants of.

It's pretty decent story with a nice set of intrigues and deception, though the pace is pretty slow, but that is exactly how I want it when it comes to this type of movies. Sydney Lumet is an expert in making lowkey thrillers like this and The Deadly affair is no exception, and with actors like James Mason, Maximilian Schell, Simone Signoret and a whole bunch of classy english actors (including David Warner in an uncredited performance) you know you are in for a treat. Add a funky score by Quincy Jones and you got a solid little movie. Not a masterpiece but a solid little picture for anyone who enjoys a good thriller.

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