söndag 4 juli 2010

Hong kong godfather (1985)

Shaw Brothers rules. I'm a big fan of their horrormovies of the seventies and eighties, and I dont mind any of their supremely violent Sword n' Sorcery pieces like Portraits in Crystal or Bloody Parrot. Here is another great flick, this time set in Hong kong in the eighties. The plot is as thin as that mint wafer from Monty Pythons The Meaning of life, about a group of gangsters getting revenge upon a former friend who betrayed them and killed their boss but this isnt about story. This is about the most insanely violent fightscenes I have ever seen!

The movie starts out slow, with some violent fights but nothing you havent seen before. But then it adds another gear, and another, and another and the last 30 minutes is just one long bloody fightscene where our heroes kill with knives, guns and fists and you just sit there, staring at the insane carnage with disbelief going through your brain. Did you actually see all that? If you like old Shaw Brothers or just kung fu movies in general, this is a must see. At least fastforward to that last fightscene in the supermarket, it will blow your mind! Or watch the scene where a thuig takes a little kid and break his back on his knee...

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