tisdag 4 januari 2011

Killing birds (1987)

I can't hate this movie, I really can't. Yes, it is another sloppy Filmiragemovie with a silly story about birdwatching, crazy vietnamvets and zombies that could only have been made in Italy, "actors" that obviously never have taken an acting lesson in their entire life and a shitload of really cheap goreeffects. Why is it that when someone has their throat slit they only get half of it slit? Did they reuse the same fake wound over and over? But then again, it does have Aristide Massachesi on photography which means the movie looks better than it should, even in the silliest of scenes. It is really embarassing to see Robert Vaughn in a movie like this, not only does he outclass the young "actors" by lightyears but it is also excrutiating to watch him spout the worst dialogue in all of his actingcareer.

But, I can't hate it. The movie is slow, but never boring. Zombies pop up from time to time, kill someone in a cheap way and dissapear, only to return when you start getting bored. The soundtrack is a perfect example of cheesy 80s synthdisco, something you cannot hate. I found myself humming along several times. You can do a lot worse if you're looking for a quick Italofix.

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