tisdag 26 april 2011

Cold Prey 3 (2010)

I. Don't. Like. Slashers. They are boring, uninspired and follow the same mold over and over again, and still people scream after sequel after sequel where the only difference is usually a different actor playing the psychopath. Ok, it's not really that bad. Most of my hatred comes from watching Friday the 13th sequels in my youth, getting less and less violent for each film. I can watch a slasher or two, there are some great ones like My bloody valentine and.. uh... the unrated My bloody valentine? So why is it that I actually like the Fritt vilt aka Cold Prey series? There is nothing new about these movies, they follow the usual pattern with teens heading into the hills, finding an old hotel and getting themselves killed? Main reason: Atmosphere. The norwegian mountains are awesomely barren and in the middle of nowhere, and the old run down, shiningish (what a magnificient word) hotel is an awesome setting. Good acting and cliched but wellwritten scripts help a lot. The first sequel even goes Halloween 2 on us, bringing the bodies of the first movie to a hospital with the only survivor soon being chased by the of course not particulary dead bad guy. Part 3, a prequel, is actually the worst of them yet, with an even more generic script but it still benefits from a good backstory and is way above a lot of other movies in the same vein.

So, what was supposed to be a review of Cold prey 3 turned into a review of the whole series. I still find myself amazed that I like them so much. Actually, the biggest gripe I have with the series is the presence of Johanna Mørck in part 2. She is a good actress but:
watching her get killed just a couple of weeks before seeing her in Trolljegern somehow made the authenticity lessen slightly. I know, that is a retarded thing to be bothered about.
*end spoiler*

So, to end this review: Another proof that the Norwegians make excellent horrormovies, they even make excellent slashers.

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