måndag 18 februari 2013

Werewolves on wheels (1971)

Short version:


Satanic rituals with dancing nude chicks.


See the movie.

Slightly longer version:

Basically, Werewolves on wheels kicks ass. Seventies horrormovies has a certain atmosphere when done right and this one nails it, even though the story might feel a bit goofy. But WOW manages to pull off that very particular feeling of people outside the grid travelling through the backside of America as a group of bikers are cursed by a coven of satanists, turning some of them into werewolves. The bikers are gruff, the scenery is awesome and there is enough exploitation to satisfy me even though the film was toned down after a battle with the MPAA. The werewolves even look old school and cool, like straight out of a 40s flick. In all, one of my favorite seventies horrors ever. This makes a perfect doublebill with Race with the devil, or maybe Devil's rain.

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