torsdag 7 mars 2013

Oily maniac (1976)

This fine piece of Shaw Brothers exploitation tells the story of a cripple (polio as a child) that kills all the bad people he knows by turning himself into an Oily monster thanks to a magic spell he got from a friend. Look at this supreme awesomeness that is the title character!

This is how a rubbermonster should look like!

Highlights of the movie include stomping on the head of an evil plastic surgeon who is about to restore the hymen of a prostitute so that she can be sold as a virgin once more. That is one perfectly strategically placed bottle, eh?

Seriously, what I think of this movie is quite irrelevant. Just look at that monster!

Ok, so it might not be the best movie ever made, but with that monster... Besides the lovely monster that I can't stop talking about the movie contains a lot of nudity, a bit of gore, something that is awfully similar to the Jaws theme everytime the Oily maniac roams around the neighborhood and several cool kung fu fights where the monster gets an arm or a leg chopped of, only for it to grow back instantly using stop motion. No, it really isn't very good at all and I might just be a bit biased because of the AWESOME monster, but I cant help it. Did I mention that the monster has glowing yellow eyes. can swim on walls and ceiling as a giant puddle and can jump really high?

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  1. That score you're referring to isn't something awfully similiar to the Jaws theme, it IS the Jaws theme. I was pondering whether that was intentional or unintentional parody :D