måndag 26 oktober 2009

The Andromeda Strain (2008)

Robert Wise The Andromeda strain from 1971 is a perfect example of how a serious Scifi movie should turn out. A clinical, yet riveting account on mans first encounter with something from outer space. The remake takes the original story and tries to expand it, with mostly negative results I'm afraid. It is a decent try, but I cant keep myself from comparing it to the original.

The biggest problem with the series is that it desperately tries to update itself to a totally different format - Tv. Cliffhangers, fast cuts etc, which doesnt really suit the story. Some of the actionpieces are so overdone and stupid that they make you groan. The first part of the this debacle is fairly ok, when the dead town id discovered and but as soon as we get into all the conspiracies and the virus spreading (by turning the landscape red) you wonder if you weren't better off watching the original instead. One of the turns towards the end is actually pretty godd, but all in all, The Andromeda strain is nothing more that a decent timewaster and you're much better off watching the original, which treats its microbes with respect.

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  1. The andromeda strain from 1971 is in my opinion
    one of the best movies ever made.
    l also think that the first hour of the 2008
    movie is ok, but the second part is a joke.