fredag 16 oktober 2009

My Bloody Valentine (2008)

My bloody valentine is a remake of one of those classic little slashers from the early 80:s that had something extra to keep them above the usual bunch. Even the fact that it was heavily censored before its release didnt stop it from being a good little flick with a decent story and great locations. It got even better when the powers above decided to release a special edition of the original to sell the remake and someone dug up all the violence and put it back on the dvd. Awesome.

Now, this means that the remake has quite a lot to prove. Unfortunately, it fails.

Ok, so bunch of people get trapped in a mine and one of them goes berserk and kills the others. He then escapes from the hospital, kills some more people and is lost in a cavein in the mine. Some years later the murders start over again and everyone thinks that the killer is back. OR is it someone else?

Yeah, nothing new in storyville here. It's the usual bunch of cliched characters though they are decently acted. It is really fun to see Tom Atkins again and the rest do a fine job. The locations are good and the kills are fairly gory. It's just that we've seen everything before, and the original is much, much better. Even if My Bloody valentine 3d was an original piece, it would still be pretty stale. It is gory and it has nudity and the pace is ok, so it is always entertaing. The image of a miner in a gasmask makes for a great killer and the scenes down in the mine are fun. A decent slasher, I dont regret buying it but don't expect too much.

As for the 3d effects, I watched this on dvd so the 3d itself was ok but it just looks like a green/red mess. Probably much better looking at the cinema.

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  1. Yeah, you are correct in your opinion about this movie. But the 3D in cinema was AMAZING. It's impossible to compare to the dvd/bluray-version.