lördag 7 maj 2011

Gong tau (2007)

Needle Gong Tau is some nasty shit.

Jack J of Backyard Asia will probably agree with me that some movies need to be dirty and nasty to achieve maximum effect. Check out the movies he writes about, most of them are very low budget trash made to revolt and arent available on any media other than some out of print vcd either dubbed to hell or with poorly translated subtitles that are only partly readable because the pan and scan transfer sucks ass. A part of me likes that, it takes me back to my youth when I first discovered gore and horrormovies, watching stuff like Devil fetus in the basement at night. As long as it's watchable it is fine by me.

That is why Herman Yaus Gong tau is such a strange experience. Here is a slick, decently budgeted movie with excellent cinematography and a plot full of gore, boobs and flying heads. I'm not used to this, where are the crummy subtitles and cheap gore-effects? The story is an excellent throwback to the seventies complete with the expected centipedevomiting, with tough cop Rockman (Yes, that is his name) unfaithful to his wife only to discover that someone put a curse on her. People start to die, fat is cut out of bodies and semen is used as a component in black magic. What else can you ask for?

Vile, gory and supremely entertaining, Gong Tau is a great nasty revamping of the black magic movies of old.

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