tisdag 24 maj 2011

Mutant girl squad (2009)

So, the wave of insane Japanese goremovies continues in full strength. This swede loves silly gore and although the special effects arent top notch and somewhat overusing low end cgi, they are still nicely over the top and very rarely boring. There is truly something special when blood is shooting out of a body six meters into the air because of a small nick in the skin.

Mutant girl squad, on the other hand, isnt exactly the best of the new gore wave, far from it. I would even go so far to say that it is probably the worst. This does not mean that it is a bad movie, just that it isnt as crazy and weird as Samurai Princess or Vampire girl vs Frankenstein girl. The movie is a collaboration between Noboru Iguchi (Machine girl, Robogeisha), Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore police) and Tak Sakaguchi (the lead in Versus, director of Samurai Zombie) who thought up the story while drinking and each directed a section of the movie. This means that the story feels somewhat fragmented, but seriously. Who cares? It's a movie about japanese school girls with superpowers that never would appear in a movie outside japan, and it is still way cooler than any fucking X-men movie. How about a chainsaw coming out of the ass of a young girl? That image alone makes the movie worth watching. The first part is the coolest when our heroine discovers her mutant powers, gets the entire neighbourhood after her and we get to see her dispatch them all in gloriously gory ways. I'll admit that some of the digital effects are rather cheap but I think that they are actually supposed to be that way.

If you liked the other movies I mentioned you will like this, it's as simple as that. It feels a little slapdash at times, but since there are three directors I can accept that and just enjoy. Still, if you are new to the genre I would recommend that you start out with Tokyo Gore police, Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein girl or perhaps Hard revenge Milly, movies that are a bit wilder and/or more accessible. Now, bring me more japanese gore please!

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