fredag 3 januari 2014

Legacy of Satan (1974)

The leader of a satanic cult sets his eyes on a young housewife, wanting her to join the cult and rule by his side. Sometimes you really don't need more plot than that. Not interested? How about a glowing sword? Come on, glowing swords and satanists! You know you want it.

For a movie that is supposedly a porno that had all the gynecological stuff edited out of it so that it could be released as a horrormovie, Legacy of Satan is strangely, almost prudishly tame. There is no nudity at all, just a lot of cleavage and skimpy negliges. The "acting" is fitting a pornmovie though, most of it pretty stiff (damn, that joke would have been much better if it had been a porno) and the production values fairly low. Still, it's a slightly mesmerizing little "Young woman lured into satanic cult" movie, a lot of the mood coming from the weird electronic score that sounds just like someone is trying out his new analogue synthesizer while doing a lot of drugs. There is a shitload of really outlandish dialogue which also helps. I have seen lots worse but it would have been interesting to see the original version, Legacy of Satan would probably have been a decent porno. The world needs more satanic porno.

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