tisdag 17 augusti 2010

Big bad wolf (2006)

This movie has everything I need. Tits, gore, werewolves, plotdevelopments worthy of a pornmovie! So why does it suck so bad? Ok, maybe I'm exagarating a bit, there are parts of Big bad wolf that are worth watching, but the movie gives you some really nice goodies in the beginning and then forces you to watch 50 mins of dull humdrum until you get anything else, that is a lot for a gorejunkie looking for a quick fix.

Yes, it does start pretty well with a young nerd inviting his sorority "friends" and the tomboy chick he is a bit in love with to a cabin in the wilderness for a party. It doesnt take long before all the teens except our hero and his crush are devoured by a wisecracking werewolf (who sometimes speaks without his mouth moving, and sometimes with his mouth moving). The main suspect is the youngsters stepdad and when a friend of his mom arrives with the same suspicions, a race to obtain some dna is on. How do you obtain dna from a man? Well, our hero's crush gives stepdad a blowjob. Wtf?

Yes, include a teen romance and have the main girl give the guy's stepdad a blowjob. That will surely help the budding relationship.

If you find this fairly cheap, I would recommend it. It has boobs, intestines and a half a head torn off. As werewolfmovies go, Big Bad Wolf is mostly just corny but still watchable if you are in the right mood.

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