tisdag 31 augusti 2010

Nu-Meri: Book of the New Spawn (2009)

Ok, the first question that popped up in my head after watching this movie was: Who was it made for? Well, me maybe. I do agree to the fact that there can never be enough nasty fishmovies and this sucker rates way above your average syfymovie, both in plot and weirdness. But still, the script needed a bit of tailoring if they really wanted to make an memorable horrormovie.

Our heroine, likes fish. A lot. No, not in any sexual way (put down your dirty mind, just because this is a japanese movie.....) but she wants to study them and help protect them. When she isnt carving them up in the fishmarket of course, where she helpd out her family on a regular basis. She also studies marinebiology and has gotten an internship at a local fishlab, along with a friend. When they arrive strange things start to happen - her friend tends to wake up staring in the night and after she dissapears her body is found in the ocean full of fishbites. Someone is obviously performing unethical experiments on the poor, unsuspecting fish. And then it gets really weird. I dont want to go into any major details to spoil anything, just mention that it involves flying, carnivorous fishheads. Yes. Fishheads.

The only thing is that for a movie that is only 75 mins long including credits, it is pretty dawn slow. Nothing happens until more than half the movie has passed, before that we follow the young girl living her life, meeting friends and praying at any fishrelated shrine she can find. It's almost like one of the narratorless documentaries following the life of a young japanese woman. Not that its totally uninteresting, the actors are decent and it feels fairly unscripted but not very horrormovieish. When the horrors finally come in the end, they are well staged and really creepy as soon as you accept the flying fishheads which are wellmade on an obviously low budget. Actually, the general weirdness of the last 15-20 minutes are more than worth the while. The buildup could have been a little bit... different. Still, I like the movie as it is. Recommended if you like your dope a bit odd. Like me.

Another thing. This is a sequel. To a movie that seems to be about bunnies. In a horrormovie kinda way. Wtf?

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  1. Have you ordered the bunny-movie yet then? :)

  2. I dont think the bunny movie has been released in english. :)