tisdag 31 augusti 2010

Super Inframan (1975)

Super Inframan is pretty easy to categorize - It is Shaw Brothers answer to the japanese phenomenon of Ultraman, a concept that very mush appeals to me. Giant men in suits fighting giant monsters. And what a ride this is.

You see, Demon Princess Elzebub rules Inner-Earth from Devil Island. She has decided that she needs the outer Earth too and starts to send out her monsters to conquer and divide. Of course, outer Earth cannot put up with this and has the Science headquarters try to put a stop to the evil Demon princess with their highly trained fighters and the brilliant Professor Liu Ying De. Our hero (played by Danny Lee) is even transformed into a cyborg, the titular Super Inframan who also has the suspiciously Ultramanlike ability to morph into a giant Super Inframan (which they unfortunately only do once). Let the fighting begin! For instance, Plant, my favorite monster of the movie, is some sort of Plantcreature with a skullface that infests the HQ with its giant tentacles. Then we have Mutant drill, who has a drill on one hand and a some sort of hammerish claw on the other. And there is so much more!

Just about the only thing I can complain on is that the numerous fights are all humansized except for one small instance, which means that instead of monsters trashing building in slomo we get hilarious rubbersuited kung fu fights instead. Once you accept that the movie is all straight and pure enjoyment. 90 minutes of monsterfighting, how can you go wrong?

I bought the HK release of this, which means I only got the original soundtrack with subs but for once I'm actually contemplating getting the R1 release just for the hilarious dubbing. This doesnt happen often, I can promise you that.

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