fredag 11 mars 2011

10 to midnight (1983)

Charles Bronson stars in one of those copmovies he could sleepwalk through, a violent yarn about a sadistic serial killer who likes to murder young women while in the nude. Bronson finds the killer but cannot link him to the crimes, so naturally he fakes evidence which makes the psycho even madder and goes after Bronsons daughter.

10 to midnight is a perfect example of the "classic" movies that everyone in my class during the eighties had seen and said was an awesome and violent movie that I had to see. For some reason I never saw the movie myself and I admit, this would probably have been a lot better back then, it hasnt really dated that well. Everything about the movie screams 80s and the plot goes by the numbers. J. Lee Thompson, a fairly competent director, turns in a decent workmanship but you get the feeling that he, as well as Bronson, was somewhat bored with the whole thing. The only thing that stands out is Gene Davis fun performance as the sexmaniac with repressed homosexual feelings who deals with it by slicing up young women. Lurid, yes, but Davis performance makes the movie worth watching. All in all, a decent potboiler that is fair entertainment if you are in the mood for something that wont rock your world.

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