tisdag 22 mars 2011

Pumpkinhead 4: Blood feud (2007)

Pumpkinhead 4: Blood feud is another one of those movies that for budgetary reasons are shot in Hungary or Bulgaria. The environments over there usually look great and are an excellent substitute for the "real thing". The only problem is that the casts are filled up with people not having english as a native language. Not the biggest problem out there, but Pumpkinhead 4 is supposed to be set in redneck county and has hungarian actors either trying a hillbilly accent (failing miserably) or being poorly dubbed. It's not a major issue, but big enough to get your attention. But, other than that, Pumpkinhead 4: Blood feud is one of the best Syfymovies I've seen so far.

As I mentioned the movie is set in redneckcounty with two clans of hillbillys being enemies over some shitty issue that only the elders remember. Jody and Ricky, each a member of the separate clans fall in love but the rest of the families wont have anything to do with it. While sneaking away for some nooky in the forest, Jodys brothers manage to get Rickys sister killed in an accident (well, they were going to rape her but she fell down a slope and broke her neck). Ricky, pissed as hell and obviously has seen the earlier Pumpkinheadmovies, raises our favorite demon to kill everyone. Problem is, he never saw the endings of the earlier flicks and there will be hell to pay. And some boobs. And a surprising amount of gore.

Pumpkinhead 4 is easily the goriest Syfyflick I have ever seen (I wonder if that has anything to do with my earlier statement of it being one of the best?). Heads are crushed in beartraps, torn off and stomped on. The titlebeast itself looks as cool as it always has and is 99% of the time a guy in a decently animated rubbersuit. My only little grain of bitching is that you get to see it way too much! In full daylight! I want a bit of shadow to put some mystery into my rubbermonsters, is that much to ask? Pumkinhead maims his way through a large cast of mostly dubbed hungarians, all with names like Billy-Bob or Emmet, all completely without any distinctive charactertraits that helps you tell the apart or sometimes even what family they belong to. Lance Henriksen pops up in one of those cameos that he seems to do hundreds of these last few years and he is still the best actor in the movie, even though he probably did it in 45 minutes. But who cares about that? Pumpkinhead 4: Blood feud is a fun, gory and fastpaced straightforward monstermovie. It stays far away from even trying to reinvent the genre but sometimes that is good. Corny and gory good.

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