torsdag 6 februari 2014

Blood beat (1983)

O K . . .

A young girl goes with her boyfriend to visit his family for the first time over Christmas in rural Wisconsin. Once there she meets his mother who takes an instant dislike to her, sensing that she knows her from somewhere. Pretty soon people starts to die and you know where this is going...

No, actually you don't.

People start to die, yes but they are killed by a ghostly samurai who only shows up when the young girl has an orgasm.

And then everything starts to look like an 70s episode of Dr Who, filled with flashing lights and laser effects. I kept expecting Tom Baker to pop up with his giant hair and googly eyes.

This isn't exactly sane. I'm guessing there was some kind of subtext to all of this but I missed it. Actually, I wasn't even looking for it, by the time all the lasers and the psychic powers started popping up I was kind of getting ready for it to end and be over with. Blood beat has an interesting look to it and is fairly original for a supernatural slasher movie but to be frank it's also not very entertaining. There is a bit of blood and a couple of atmospheric scenes but most of the movie is just bad acting and overbearing music. A true oddity which I suppose should be seen by slasher fans, just don't expect your average movie.

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