lördag 1 februari 2014

Rush (1983)

Jesus, I don't know where to begin with this cheapo mess of a movie...
The carefully constructed plot-line about that there are no plants left after the nuclear war but about half of the movie takes place in a forest?!?!
The wonderfully racist dubbing of the japanese scientist (played by an Italian actor who makes no real attempt to look asian, I suspect the japanese thing was added in the dubbing)?
The dialogue. What the hell were they on while writing this?
The fact that the only scene that looks remotely post apocalyptic seems to be set in the same city-scene as the one in Rats - nights of terror?
The stupid stupid stupid ending where the radioactive sky suddenly clears up and Rush just smiles at the camera?
But this isn't really a bad movie per se, it's just the script that is awful. The cinematography is surprisingly good and the action scenes aren't half bad though all the weapons and vehicles seems to be leftovers from a World war II movie. It could have used a bit more violence and nudity, it's pretty tame.
If you like Italian exploitation and Mad max ripoffs you could do worse, it's good clean fun.

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