torsdag 27 februari 2014

Hotel inferno (2013)

Necrostorm brings us yet another fun goremovie after the wonderful Adam Chaplin and the fun but not nearly as insane Taeter city. This time they chose a dangerous path, something that could have doomed the movie from the start, namely having it totally in first person. And the fun, and cool, part is that it really works.

The lead character is a hitman that has been hired to kill two persons in a mysteriously empty hotel. He performs the deed but not before hearing some weird stuff from one of the victims. It seems that they were like him, hired to perform hits to appease something only referred to as "Her" and that he one day will share the same fate. Our hero gets upset over all of this and decides to get out of the place. Unfortunately the person who hired him does not like this one bit and sends a group of other hitmen on him. Ultrabloody carnage ensues. And then there is the question of the mysterious "Her"...

If you've seen any of Necrostorms movies you will know the format, a lot of overexaggerated makeup and absurd dialogues, and it works really damn well here. The plot is cool, never slowing down even once. There is a shitload of awesome violence that are a mixture of corny practical stuff and really well made digital ones, some of it really looks beyond awesome.

Seriously, this is one awesome schorcher of a flick. Slambang violence and über-gory splatter with a style that Necrostorm has patented as their own. There are very few low budget DIY movies that come even close to the awesomeness that is Hotel Inferno. Sure, there are negatives like its fair share of clunky dialogue and the somewhat anticlimactic ending but those are just minor stuff. If you liked Adam Chaplin and Taeter City you should have ordered this months ago. The rest of you should try it. Now.

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