tisdag 2 februari 2010

2012 (2009)

Yes, 2012 is exactly so full of used cliches as you would expect. Just look at the trailer and you know exactly what to expect. Yes, the movie is full of improbable scenes that would have left the main characters stone dead if it was based on reality but what the hell, it is a disaster movie. We require, and get, tons of cool scenes of massdestruction that only a giant mutated reptile or turtle could improve. You see, the mayans were right - when their calendar ends so will the earth. There will be giant solar eruptions which will send lots of mu or nu-somethings towards earth, heating up the earths core and it will end within the total destruction of all life within the end of 2012. Why they didnt send some sort of vechicle into the core and dumped tons of freezebombs to cool it down I do not understand, but thats a movie for Asylum to make. Anyway, John Cusack finds out about this from wack Woody Harrelson and manages to find out that the government has plans to save parts of humanity, or at least the ones who has lots of dough to pay for their salvation. He would like to save his own family and gets the chance when her exwifes husband happens to be a pilot. Why does broken up marriages always have to be mended in American movies? I couldn't care less if John Cusack gets back with Amanda Peet, to the cost of her new husbands life, they will still break up again in a few years and the kids will most likely blame their dad for it. Oops, I guess that was a spoiler but it's not like you didnt see it coming. Stuff like that has to happen, even if it means that the rather nice new husband has to be horribly crushed to death. But the dog has to survive. You cant kill the dog. Well, unless its the sixty million dogs you dont see die.

Yes, there is nothing new here but when did a disastermovie have to be a breath of fresh air. We just want the destruction to be bigger than before and 2012 does just that right. There are tons of cool scenes of that to enjoy and the special effects are excellent. To narrow it down, if you liked the trailer you will most likely like the movie. Just be aware of the fact that this is a Roland Emmerich movie, more cliched than that is hard to find, but in this context it works just fine. For lovers of disaster and mayhem.

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