måndag 1 februari 2010

Left hand of the law aka La polizia interviene: ordine di uccidere (1975)

Gritty Italian policethrillers are always fun, and I must admit that The Left hand of the law is one of the better I've seen. It has a good story, great acting and dialogue that the normal dubbing process doesnt manage to destroy, which doesnt happen that often when it comes to dubbed Eurocrime/eurohorror/eurowhatever. The hunky Leonard Mann plays Murri, the captain in charge of a special squad within the policeforce in an Italian town. When the boss of a large company is kidnapped, two of the squadmembers are gunned down in cold blood and Murri swears revenge. When he starts to dig in the matter he realizes that there are traces of a conspiracy pointing high up in the senate. Someone is trying to kill him and when both his mistress and his wife become targets, Murri gets angry.

There isnt a boring minute in this movie. There are fistfights, bloody shootouts, nudity, carchases and even a cameo from Janet Ågren. The script is wellwritten although it's pretty obvious who the culprits are, but Leonard Mann is such a likable hero, even though he cheats on his wife, that he carries the entire movie well on his shoulder. Although you recognize most of the dubbing voices from other Italian movies, for some reason they seem to have given it a little extra since most of the dialogue works alot better than usual. There is also a pretty funny role for James Mason as a gay senator, not exactly the kind of stuff you are used to see him in. Director Giuseppe Rosati, who also directed Fear in the city, aquits himself well with a few fun carchases and some general fun along the way. All in all, a fun movie for fans of the genre.

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