torsdag 4 februari 2010

Credo (2008)

So, this movie only claim to fame is that it features a member of the british band Boyzone. I dont know who he is or what character he played but he's the one who died in real life a few months back. He might've been one of the people in the movies intro, I dont really know. That's how interested I was. It's not a worthless movie though, it has a few nice scenes, but on the other hand it has one of the crappiest end twists in a long, long time.

It starts well. A group of students gather in the attic of a school to form a pentagram and try to summon Beelzebub, but one of them chickens out and breaks the circle. The others continue with the ritual and are all found dead the next day, in what seems to be suicides. Flash forward some time to an apartment in London where a female student is trying to study for a crucial test, all while her flatmates are having a pretty wild party which results in them being evicted. This all leads to them breaking into the school we saw in the beginning, now abandoned. Our heroine tries to continue with her studies but when the power goes out she finds her friends indugling themselves with an Ouijaboard, and what do you know? Strange things start to happen, a bum who just might be the survivor of the prologue roams the place and everyone starts to die, one by one.

We've seen this all before, lots of times. Credo has nothing new to offer but handles its suspense well, relying more on sounds and atmosphere. The movie leans more towards good than bad and everything is fairly professional. The acting is decent, the direction capable and there is nothing really bad about the whole thing. Until the end. I'm gonna end this now by saying that Credo is an ok, bloodless timewaster which has a bunch of good scenes. You can do worse. But you will most likely hate the end, which I am about to spoil now. If you absolutely have to see this movie, skip the rest of the text:


It is revealed, after everyone has died but our heroine, that it is all in her mind. We see the rest of the gang messing with the Ouijaboard where they come in contact with some entity which reveals itself to be our stressed out student who has hung herself in the attic. Thanks to our resident perv who has placed cameras all over the place we see her walking around talking to people who arent there until she walks up to the attic. More than half of the movie never happened. The End. Wtf? Is that supposed to be some sort of clever twist? It is not.

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  1. I read the spoiler because I felt what was going on here. So boring, really boring. I stay away from all movies with this kinda ending, because it just takes away the fun of everything.

    I want the stuff in the movie to happen for "real", not in some characters head...