torsdag 18 februari 2010

Blood creek aka Town creek (2009)

Do you want to know why this world is going to hell? There are many theories but I believe that there is only one reason - there arent enough nazizombie movies. Thankfully Joel Schumacher, trying to redeem himself after the vile Batman movies he made, has made a fun little flick which actually only has one dead nazi, but one hell of a nazi who can bring the dead back to life. Zombiehorses, thats a first. Well, technically Amando De Ossorios Blind dead had zombie horses, but the ones in this movie are pretty nasty and try to eat people. Which is nice.

In the early stages of the second world war a german family are living on a small farm in America. They receive a letter from the German High command that they are to accomodate a scientist searching for a mysterious rune. Forward to today: Evan is a paramedic who somehow is the scorn of the family. At least to his senile dad since he didnt go to Iraq to serve his country. His brother did, but he dissapeared on a fishing trip a year earlier. While the rest of his family still believes he is out there somewhere, Evan is trying to get some closure. Until his brother bangs on his door one night, looking like he hasnt shaved or washed himself for a year. Before they tell any of the family, he asks his brother to bring a gun and come with him, without asking any questions. They travel by boat on the town (bloooood) creek to a remote house (which is the house we saw in the prologue) and, well, all hell breaks loose. It seems the evil nazi in the beginning of the movie has stopped the family from aging so that they can provide him with fresh victims while he sleeps in the cellar near the runestone. Now we have a siegesituation where the dead nazimummy/zombie/vampire resurrects anything dead in the vicinity to get to the brothers. Horsezombies, yay. Dogzombies too.

This is fun stuff. The evil nazi looks great in his dark leather coat and filthy facewrappings and the whole idea of him laying a siege to the farmhouse by raising dead farmanimals is genuinly exciting. Sure, there is nothing really that original about the whole affair but Shumacher keeps the action flowing, adding a sprinkle of gore now and then. Henry Cavill and Dominic Purcell are fine as the two brothers, and Michael Fassebender seems to have a good time as our lovable nazifiend even though he is covered in makeup most of the time, though he looks decidedly unscarier when he removes them later on and even more unscary when he removes his facial skin. His later appearances doesnt even come close to what a cool creature he is when he first appears and its too bad they didnt keep that all throughout the movie. Still, he looks much cooler than your average slasherfiend so all in all, it's a good nazizombievampire we have here and as nazizombiemovies go, Blood Creek is not bad. It is a well shot, fairly exciting and slightly gory romp which I would recommend to all fans of the genre and even if you are not a fan, it is still a fun little horrorflick and Joel Shumacher is partly forgiven for his Batmanmovies.

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