måndag 18 januari 2010

The Hills run red (2009)

The Hills run red is another one of those Backwoodshorrors that has started to flood the horrorgenre the last few years, and while it's not an entirely successful movie, it is still better than a lot of its peers.

Our "hero", Tyler, is obsessed about a lost horrormovie called The Hills run red who ran at a few cinemas in the early eighties and was promptly banned for being one hell of a sick movie. No one has seen it of course and Tyler is determined to track it down and make a documentary about it. He finds the directors daughter strung up on drugs at a stripclub and manages to get her off the crap all while his best friend starts fucking his girlfriend because he is neglecting her. Oh, poor her. The four of then start on a journey to find the house where the director shot the movie, and perhaps the movie itself. Well, you know what is gonna happen. A lot of gore that is. And a decent amount of nudity.

The worst part of the movie are its characters, mainly our trio of documentary filmmakers who goes around being assholes towards each other and not really helping us care for their fate at all. On the other hand, William Sadler is always good as a bad guy and he seems to relish the fairly small part he has in the proceedings and Sophie Monk as the daughter aquits herself well, even in the scenes where she doesnt show her breasts which unfortunately is most of the movie. Another, though rather minor weakness, is the script which actually feels short. It's almost over before you know it and although a good pace is good entertainmentwise, this movies backstory could have benefited from being fleshed out even more. But enough shittalk, what about the good stuff? The Gore! There is a lot, mostly in short scenes from the movie that our characters are looking for and it is mostly really well done except for a scene or two with rather poor looking cgiblood. Not that it really hurts the movie, since there is a lot of the old school stuff. Axes in heads, bodies torn apart, faces cut to pieces, you name it. Yum yum. The coverboy in the piece, Babyface, is a decent villain with his creepy looking mask and one scene towards the end of the movie where he actually talks had me howling with joy. You'll know it when you see/hear it. What else can I say? Dave Parker has created a good horrormovie which perhaps doesnt really have anything new to offer but serves up one hell of a gory and wellmade dish with a fun story and some good scares. Recommended for gorehounds and horrorfans overall.

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