lördag 9 januari 2010

Review roundup

Since I'm way behind my reviewing and I'm home sick with an infected tooth (I have pus in my head. That's something you dont get to say every day) which means I'll probably watch a lot more movies I'll just tot down the latest movies I've watched with a few sentences. Just to get rid of them and help catch up:

The Prodigy (2005). Microbudgeted actionmovie doesnt have much of a script or any good actors, but the actionscenes arent half bad and shows some talent.

War dog (1986). Swedish actionmovie tries to look american but is so obviously swedish and the goofballfactor gets pretty hugh marks because of that. On the other hand, the actionscenes are pretty long and well made and the violence is gloriously bloody with squibs larger than most movies I can think of.

Day of the triffids (2009). Recent remake of John Wyndhams classic scifistory is a decent watch. The triffids are cool (I'm a sucker for tentacles), the actors are good but the story never really goes anywhere. It has a asatisfactory ending, but feels more like a pilot which I suspect the writer intended it to be.

Wicked City (1992). Liveaction version of an anime based upon a book where the world fights against monsters in human disguise. It has everything you would expect when based on a japanese horror source: Tentacles, violence and a wild and cool story. Highly recommended for fans of that genre.

Eastern promises (2007). Another proof that David Cronenberg is one hell of a director. An awesome thriller set in the russian mob part of London with superb actors, nuff said.

Versus (2000). The ultimate proof that style over substance works when there is enough talent behind the camera. An awesome action/horrorflick with tons of gore and cool fightscenes. I'll write a real review as soon as I get the Ultimate edition which is on it's way home to me as we speak.

National treasure: Book of secrets (2007) Sometimes is nice to know exactly what you are going to get and the National treasure franchise is a PG-rated version of Dan Browns blockbuster. Here a bad guy only dies if he is REALLY bad or sacrificing himself and any kind of broken relation is mended toward the end. If you want to turn off your brain for two hours, this is perfect. And it has Ed Harris as the main villain for gods sake.

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