tisdag 26 januari 2010

Movies and beer

I was home at a friends house this weekend, drinking beer and watching a heck of a lot of movies. It would take me days to write reveiews for all of so I'll write a couple of short sentences about all of them:

We started with Pitch black on bluray, which was quite nice on a really big screen. The movie is still pretty good, with nice characters, great sfx and a but of the ole violence.

Movie number two was Cloverfield. At this time we were getting a bit drunk and did not follow the movie 100%, at least until the monstermayhem started. It is as good as ever though, with awesome sfx.

After that another friend arrived, our host cooked up some chili con carne with garlic bread and we started watching the old grindhouse classic I drink your blood. A fun movie, though I remembered it as gorier. Not that it is without violence and blood, on the contrary. Great schlock with a bunch of satanic hippies with rabies.
Brilliant plot.

Now the beer started flowing and the movies got even better with the norwegian nazizombiemovie Dead snow, a cool and gory movie. You cant fail with nazizombies. Unless it's Zombie lake.

After that we watched an old 80s classic, the remake of The Blob. This is how a remake should be, updating it with cool sfx and tons of gore. An extra plus for a big budget movie that actually kills a little kid.

Wes Cravens The People under the stairs was next. A bit of an underdog this one, with a good plot and acting, but gets a minus for having an annoying kid in the leadrole.

At this time the clock was about 2am in the morning, so just one more movie. The Fifth element. Great european comicbook scifi really.

All in all, a great evening with good company, tasty food and yummy beer. I got home at six in the morning.

Edit: We actually saw one more movie, William Malones criminally underrated House on haunted hill - an excellent horror movie with good suspense and great acting, especially from Geoffry Rush who shows you that being hammy is an art. And I even like that demon towards the end, one of the few who does it seems. :)

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  1. How do you have the energy to watch so many movies in a row? :)

  2. I think that energy is called lots of beer.