måndag 4 januari 2010

Patrick still lives (1980)

Patrick still lives, a very unofficial sequel to Richard Franklins Aussie sleeper, is a sleazy masterpiece of unprecedented power. Loaded to to brim with nasty gore and near hardcore sexploitation imagery, entertainment doesnt get better than this.

Yes, the plot is stupid. Our psychic psycho gets a bottle to the head and succumbs to a coma in which his angry dad makes him get revenge on those who supposedly were at fault. Stupid yes, but it gets the job done and Patrick does lots of nasty things such as poker through the vagina and out of the mouth, hook through the neck and carwindow to the neck, all in glorious, graphic detail. The special effects arent exactly Dick Smith material but are ok for such an obviously low budget movie. To top it of, the direction is lazy and uninspired but all that gore and closeups of masturbating women, and the site of a very well maintained 43 year old Mariangela Giordani in her best milfmode parading around wearing next to nothing raises the entertainment value next to a Kaiju movie. Gloriuosly gory trash. And to top it off, the movie is shot in the same house as Burial ground! Go and get it NOW, or Patrick will make you masturbate in front of him! Be sure to get the unrated version of course.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hahaha! What a threat at the end ;)

    I'll have to watch this some time...

  2. Great focking movie and a man just gotta love Mariangela Girodani, probably the most trashiest woman alive and a total beauty by the way still. And if that isn´t enough there also is Carmen Russo to enjoy but Mariangela is the best ever!

  3. Slängde på denna igår kväll. Sitter lika hårt i krysset hver gang!

  4. I have seen it, too. All thanks to my dear brother here - It's quite spectacular and in its hilariously over-the-top nastiness. Even my son has seen it! :-O ... Well at least the first 10 seconds or so, by accident, of course when my wife thought it was Saltkråkan in there...