tisdag 29 december 2009

Carriers (2007)

The word of the day is: Pointless. A plaguemovie without the plague turning people into the living dead or homicidal maniacs? People on a journey through a dead country without the realization that the end of the journey will not bring any sort of happiness. Just betrayal and death.

Carriers follow two brothers journeying through the remains of America where a deadly plague has killed most of the the living. They live by a particular set of rules, which supposedly makes them outwit the infection but also feels a bit weird and goofy when you see this movie a couple of weeks after Zombieland. The somberness of the movie does keep the goof from bubbling up from under the surface and the scenes with the main characters picking up Christopher Meloni and his sick daughter who supposedly knows of a place where there is a cure strengthens that. It is an interesting journey but as soon as Meloni leaves the pictures we're left with an average apocalypseflick which probably could have used a horde of redeyed crazies to liven things up a bit. It's well shot and decently acted but doesnt really have anything to say. Entertaining up to a point and though worth watching, it's only the movies first half hour which you will remember. The rest? Pretty much pointless.

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