tisdag 8 december 2009

I love my iphone

Why? Because the screen is just large enough to watch movies on. This morning for instance, I watched Burial ground on the way to work. Thats a nice way to start the day, maggotencrusted corpses and hysterical dubbing.

But, There is a slight glitch. I'm using a small program called 3gpconverter to convert avi files to mp4 format for my iphone. The conversionprocess takes about two-three hours but results in the fact that if I pause a film the sound becomes slightly out of sync. Now, is this a fault of the converter or the iphone itself? I had the same problem on my Ipod touch.

On recommendation from Fred, I tried Handbrake(not handshake) which seems like a nice program but has about a million settings (the best thing about 3gp converter is that is has none, you just choose the Ipod template. the downside is: no subtitles.) and takes forever to convert. I tried it last night and a normal movie took more than six hours... am I doing it wrong? Should I muck about with the settings even more? And the subtitles didnt work even though I chose them. I think I want to use Handshake more since it has the possibility to rip straight from my own dvds.

Any other ideas? What more programs are there out there?

I just realized that I am doing what I never thought I would be doing. Praising an Apple product.

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  1. Give me a hollar when you get the damned thing to work. =)
    My ipod is good looking and all, but all the hassle makes me wanna throw it in the wall.

  2. One url: http://handbrake.fr/ (what you meant by handshake?)

    The latest version (updated nov 23) has some nice updates like:
    -New "Normal" preset that should work perfectly fine on any device that supports standard Main Profile H.264 with AAC-LC audio in an MP4 file (i.e. iPhone/iPod Touch)
    -Better picture quality, at a smaller size, faster.
    -Live preview (see the result before the multi-hour wait is over)
    -Include subtitle tracks that can be turned on and off

  3. I took a normal dvd today, removed chapter-shit, changed the bitrate to 128, choose keep aspect ratio, mp4 of course and got it down to three hours with great quality.

    But still... I must be possible to do the convert faster...

  4. Okey, I'm trying just to choose the iPod-version and not iPhone. Keep aspect ratio, if the "large file size" is check, I unchecked it, audio bitrate 128, no chapters and accidentally I took automatic mixdown instead of stereo. We'll see how the quality will be, but it says around 90 minutes to convert.

  5. Yes, it took around 90 minutes, good quality and no problems with uploading on iPhone. I tried both with a downloaded movie and one directly from dvd, both around 90 minutes.