fredag 18 december 2009


I thought I should beak the pattern for a bit and review two horrorrelated comicbooks. One of the is in swedish so for you nonswedish/danish/norwegian/etc readers, sorry.

The first one is Max Brooks The Zombie survival guide - Recorded attacks. Max wrote the superb fakenonfictionbook about the survivors of a zombieapocalypse, World War Zero. Recorded attacks contains 12 short stories about known/unknown zombieinfestations throughout our history between 60000bc and 1992, in various places across our globe such as Africa, Japan and Siberia. There isnt much dialogue here, just informative descriptions of the events as if interpreted from some old tale told throughout the years. The illustrations are Recorded attacks strongest asset, giving us many different ways of showing us how a zombiebite can look like. Other than that, it is a quick read, and an interesting addon to Brooks novel. If you like zombiemovies or World War Zero, you'll like this.

The other comic I've read is a slightly flawed, yet very interesting one. Silhuetter (Silhouettes in English) is a anthology of different horror comics, all made by some sort of comic book collective in Sweden who has decided that there arent enough adult comics produced in Sweden. They're absolutely right and I applaud them for this. The book has eight different stories, all horror, though in very different settings and moods. My absolute favorite is Bunkerfeber (bunkerfever), a short story by Lars Krantz (author of Dödvatten aka Deadwater), set in a trench in World war 1 which supposedly is part of a larger story, something I'm really looking forward to. The art is suitably dark and displays a good eye for horror. Another good one is Oflyt (some sort of swedish slang for Unlycky. Cant think of a good english word at the moment) by Johannes Streith which is a simple, yet effective story about a DHL courier being mistaken for someone else, with rather nasty consequences. Another story that has to be mentioned is the adaption of H.P.Lovecrafts The Statement of Randolph Carter, all drawn with animals instead of humans where our lead characters are a cat and a seal. The art is rather uneven, but has potential, but the main fault is that the story itself doesnt really lend itself to the format. The other stories are ok, lots of people going insane within these pages but nothing really special but on the other hand nothing really bad either. All in all, a decent little horror anthology and I really hope it sells, so that there will be a future for this.

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