söndag 27 december 2009

Shock-O-Rama (2005)

More Brett Piper!

This time we're dealing with an anthology with three fairly different stories, all made the same way - on the cheap but with a clear love for the genre and simple yet very effective special effects. Not everything works, particularily the third story but when the movie is over you know it was worth every penny.

This main story is about Rebecca Raven, an actress always playing the same type of roles for a moviecompany - cheap horror with lots of nudity. Now where have I heard that before? She gets fired when the head of the company wants a new starlet and decides to rent a house in the countryside to get some welldeserved rest. Well, until the dead black magician who used to live in the house decides to ressurect himself in the form of a decaying corpse.
Story number two, my favorite, is set in a junkyard where a small ufo crashlands and goes on the warpath to kill the owner and his exwife. It all ends with a supercool stopmotionanimated monster made out of old cars welded together.
Story number three is the blandest, something straight out of Outer limits though with a bit more nudity where a gigantic brain from the future uses young women in some sort of way to experience emotions, something you dont get to feel in the future where everyone is a giant brain.

It's a bit of a mixed bag, with fairly different styles but the result is overall good. The first story is the mosttraditional one, where Misty Mundae does a good job and is clearly in on the joke. She is a bit uneven, but has potential with the right material and she does show herself naked, which is a plus. There is even some gore here, nothing really exceptional but some cut off limbs and stuff like that. Story number two is as I mentioned earlier the best one, with good acting from Rob Monkiewicz and Caitlin Ross and together with the really nice special effects we get an hour of solid entertainment when our main characters are chased by some small gremlins who can turn scrapmetal into mechs. Story number three is the worst one, where the story is the culprit. It never really gets of to a decent start, is over before you know it (which of course can be a good thing), the acting ranges from really lousy to ok and the only thing that makes it watchable are the large amounts of nudity and a really nice nightmarescene with nudity, gore and a nice location.

Shock-O-Rama is a good anthology which stands up well to its peers in spite of some weaknesses, especially when you consider how much money was used. Brett Piper knows what the audience wants and manages to churn out yet another nice little exploitationpic

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