tisdag 8 december 2009

Samurai Princess (2009)

Japanese people are strange. No, this is not some sort of racist remark, just look at some of their movies. For the common man it can be an unpenetrable strange, realms that they do not want to enter. For me? A nice strange.

To make an example I could ramble all day about all the weird movies that the japanese have poured out of their country, like Guinea pig, Rapeman and stuff like Hanzo the razor who tortures women with his gigantic penis. This could take hours so I'll just ask a question. Have you seen Machine girl and/or Tokyo Gore police? If the answer to this question is Yes, then this review will be of interest to you. If your answer is No, however, then I dont really know. Do you like gore? Then read on. This is, after all, a movie from the scriptwriter of Tokyo Gore Police

An excellent way to catch a viewers attention is to start a movie with a severed head falling on the the ground, and with someone then stepping on it so that blood and grue pours out of every opening. From then on it's gore and sex galore as we immerse ourselves in an alternative Japan where people turn themselves into part machines for pleasure and are being hunted by the Shogun who has outlawed this practice. Another attempt, like Blade Runner, to offer an answer to the question what it takes to be a human? Nope. Not in the least. Samurai stars a japanese pornstar as a former nun who is made up of different bodyparts from her nun friends in order to get revenge on the psycho who killed them all. This means running around in a forest and in a warehouse while throwing her breasts through a guys head and talking directly to someones brain via a special usbport. Everything is shot on video that is clean and professional, but strangely unprocesssed. The special effects are a mixture of good manual labor and cheap, but effective cgi. It has obviously a much lower budget than Tokyo Gore Police for instance, but its groovy energy keeps it entertaining from start. If you've read so far, you know you will like this movie.

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