fredag 18 juni 2010

13 Game of death (2007)

This is a movie I've heard a lot about, that it is supposed to be really disgusting and violent and gets progressively worse the further to the end of the movie we get. Yes, I admit, there are a couple of gross scenes but in the end this is mostly hype. It is still well made hype and the story is interesting enough to keep watching.

13 game of death tells the story of a geeky guy who first loses his girlfriend, then his car and job in the same day. At that moment he gets a phonecall from an unknown person who claims to call from some sort of gameshow and offers him a lot of money if he performs 13 different challenges. It starts out easy by killing a fly (And establishing that they are watching him) but challenge number two is eating the very same fly. The following challenges consists of robbing homeless people, making children cry and eating a plate full of shit. Then it gets much, much worse.

13 game of death isnt really that stomachchurning movie that the filmmakers want it to be, but it still is a fun flick that moves at a good pace. The direction is stable and the movie has a very competent and stylized look about it. The actors are great, especially Krissada Terrence as the lead and this helps the movie immensly-. The only thing I dont really like is the ending, some sort of twist that the filmmakers want to be clever but is just silly. Other than that, 13 game of death is a well made movie that is very watchable, but just dont expect any major sickness. I've seen much worse.

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