måndag 14 juni 2010

Hitman (2007)

In one way, Hitman is a groundbreaking movie. It's not a masterpiece in any way, nor is it the best videogame movie adaption I have ever seen. It is what it is, a decent, well shot and violent actionmovie with a decent pace. There is never any time to be bored and even though the plot is really weak, it does what a decent actionmovie should do - entertain. It serves up large amounts of bloody gunshotwounds and nudity (if you watch the unrated version of course. Dont even bother to go near the R-rated one) and Timothy Olyphant makes a great nr 47, the ultimate hitman who is doublecrossed and spends the movie finding out why, while killing lots of people in satisfyingly bloody ways. I thank Xavier Gens for not letting the movieproducers make this into a PG13 movie.

So, why is it a groundbreaking movie? What exactly does Hitman do so right that I have to commend it for it? The answer:

Good digital blood. This is the first movie to date where I couldnt not tell that a lot of the blood was digitally added, but from looking at the comparision between the R-rated version and the unrated you can see that there is quite a lot of extra. Of course, the actionscenes could have been shot twice but I sincerely doubt that. That is why this is an important movie.

Or I could be very wrong, I am not basing this on fact, most of it is pure assumption which would mean that Hitman is just another violent actionmovie and this review is pointless. Come to think of it, as I am finishing up this piece of writing, I really dont know where I got the idea of this. It just seemed like a good idea for a review and I just might've gotten your attention. Oh well, very, very watchable pointlessness though. So sue me.

Here is the comparision between the different version. Highly recommendable site, porn for us gorehounds, I mean valuable information for us moviebuffs.

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  1. Wow, that's a big difference! I have no idea which version I saw, but it was bloody so I guess it was the unrated one... :)