söndag 13 juni 2010

Bohachi Bushido: Code Of The Forgotten Eight (1973)

Japan, I love you! I bow down to the glory that is Bohachi Bushido aka Porno jidaigeki. It's like there is a heaven and I've been given a glimpse of the wonderful light and its warmth that still glows within me!

No, I have not gone religious, I've just watched Teruo Ishiis supreme blend of boobs and violence that is Bohachi Bushido: Code of the forgotten eight. Movies like this always try to balance on a small thread but they either rely too much on violence (eh. as if there can be too much violence in a movie) or too much sex, which frankly tends to be a bit boring after a while. This movie, however, is truly the perfect mix of nipples and sliced off ears that exists in this day. Based on a manga by the creators of Lone Wolf and Cub (which most likely is even more sick and violent than the movie. Thank you Japan.), the movie stars Tetsuro Tanba (You've all seen him as Tiger Tanaka in the Bondmovie You only live twice) as Shino, the coldest Ronin ever, a guy that makes Itto Ogami seem like Jim Carrey. After slaughtering a number of officers in a stylized fight on a bridge, he is taken in by the Clan of the forgotten eight, a group that takes its name from the fact that they've lost the way to feel basic emotions like shame, guilt and conscience. They run a prostitution racket and want Shino to clean out the other groups while under their protection. Of course, all of this is a diabolical plot by the leader of the clan who intends to dispose of Shino as soon as he no longer is needed but Shino does not really care. He is a badass whose motto is "To die is Hell, but to live is also hell" who has a bodyguard consisting of five naked women. Ah, dont we all want to be just like Shino.

Yes, this is Entertainment with a capital E. Sure, the plot is mainly an excuse to show nudity and graphic violence but it is still treated 100 percent seriously by Teruo Ishii, a director whose output is not like anything else in the same period. Every shot is treated like a a painting, stylish and beautiful and this is what makes the movie unique and keeps it from being just another Pinky violence piece. The 81 minutes run by faster than llightning and you kind of wish that the movie was several hours longer. There is so much fun stuff to watch, tons of nudity and sliced of bodyparts. If you have any interest in the japanese version of exploitation, you must own this. Worship it.

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