söndag 13 juni 2010

Beneath (2007)

When a movie really is too generic for it's own good but you still enjoy it, is that a sign of decent craftsmanship or just that I was very bored at the moment? Beneath is such a movie. It has an ok plot, but is fairly bloodless, has an main character that has a annoying rating that is leaning towards high and screams "Shot in Vancouver". I have really nothing against shooting movies in Canada, but this looks more like an x-files episode than anything else. The fact that it is produced by MTV studios didnt exactly help. But then again, I actually found myself fairly entertained and you can do a lot worse than this. A young girl accidentally causes her older sister to be horribly damaged in an exploding car and when the sister dies, this causes her to break down mentally and is confined to a mental institution for a number of years. Some time later a friend of the family dies and she returns to the old family home. People starts to die and our heroine suspects her sisters husband to be covering up for the murder of her sister. But on the other hand, she also starts to have these blackouts and weird visions. What is real and what is true?

The keyword is not bad. Beneath is well shot, decently acted and although the plot is fairly predictable and nothing new, it still has a twist ending which actually surprised me. Not in the M Shamalamalaynaningan way where you are supposed to be looking for clues all throughout the movie, but an ending which made you say: Did they actually just do that? I've seen a lot worse. Dont go in expecting the reinventing of the wheel and you'll do just fine.

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