fredag 18 juni 2010

The Innocents (1961)

I am truly a sucker for a nice haunted house movie. Horrormovies in general havent scared me since I was 15, except for the odd evil house movie or two and it is nice to find a movie like this that I havent seen. The Innocents is a prime example of a good scary movie with a brain, very similar to The Haunting and is truly recommended.
Deborah Kerr (in a superior performance) plays a middleaged woman that gets a job of being a nanny to two young orphans who live in a large house out in the country. Her predecessor died under mysterious circumstances and when she starts looking around mysterious things start to happen and she suspects that the children might be possessed by the previous tenants. I dont want to go into the plot anymore, this is something that should be experienced on your own. Just be prepared for one hell of a ride, in a movie that was and still is a bit controversial. Higly recommended.

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