måndag 21 juni 2010

Species 4 - The Awakening (2007)

The Species series is series of movies that has gotten a pretty bad rep. Most of the reviews I've read have been negative and I must say that I do not agree with them whatsoever. All of them are fun little scifihorrors with a lot of violence, a lot of nudity and a very interesting creature (designed by Giger to add to the entertainment). Species 4 is no exception. This time its swedish damsel Helena Mattsson who is part human - part gigeresque alien, although she has been brought up as a human. But when she goes out on a date her libido starts to take over, resulting in a lot of deaths and a flight to Mexico as her "uncle/creator" tries to find an estranged colleague who may be the only hope to stop the transformation into deadly alien. But when they arrive in Mexico it doesnt take long before tey are attacked by alien hybrids and find out that the former colleague is performing some rather unorthodox experiments for money.

This is the worst Species movie so far, but that only means that this is just an ok movie, it is entertaining throughout but suffers a bit from being made for tv. I did watch the unrated version that has a bit of nudity and violence but it is a bit toned down generally. Helena Mattsson is an ok actress, looks very good in the nude but her swedish accent shines through fairly often which on the other hand might be easier for me to hear, being swedish and all. Ben Cross, on the other hand, is a great actor who makes the sometimes fairly silly dialogue sound ok. The story is ok, is greatly helped that it actually is shot in Mexico instead of a redressed Bulgaria but the low budget unfortunately keeps the monsterbits somewhat low scale. But these flaws are only minor really. We get a decently shot monstermovie with a bit of digital violence and good makeupeffects. If you liked the other Speciesmovies you will probably like this one too.

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  1. Part 2 has always been a guilty pleasure since I first saw it in cinema. I think it's time for a Species-festival soon!