fredag 18 juni 2010

Robo-Geisha (2009)

There has been quite a burst of fun goremovies from Japan lately, all of them made tongue in cheek but still in a way that is very japanese and all of them very watchable. My favorite is the slightly perverse Samurai princess, a movie about a vindictive girl who is made up of bodyparts from her dead friends and features a scene where she throws one of her breasts through the head of an enemy. The movie we have all been waiting for, since the release of the trailer a year ago, is Robo-Geisha, a movie about Geishacyborgs used for assassination. The plot is flimsy and tacky, about a young girl who becomes a Robo-Geisha just to spite her sister but realizes that the company that made her is evil and wants to destroy the entire country. The script is just an excuse to throw in lots of cool stuff, like the buttswords (dont ask. You'll have to see it for yourself), the geishatank, the tengugirls and more. All done on the cheap with a lot of digital effects I wouldnt exactly call good, but servicable in the same vein as the movie. Goofy. If you like to watch cute girls fight in strange costumes, this is the movie for you.

Yes, this is good entertainment, but I must admit that I was slightly dissapointed. Why? The gore. For some reason the filmmakers have decided to lower the gorequota significantly and this only works to the movies disadvantage. There are a few violent scenes, especially the one where a couple of bikinininjas are supposed to kill a Yakuza and we get to see a girl get a sword up her snatch, but other than that it is strangely goreless. Where are all the arterial sprays that we all love?

But that is the only gripe I have. If you've seen Tokyo Gore police, Machine girl or Samurai princess, you will know what to expect and if you will like it. Great fun for the whole family. And you gotta love the Geishatank.

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