onsdag 4 november 2009

Bite me! (2004)

I consider myself a fan of Brett Piper. You have to admire someone who consistently stays old school and uses optical effects and stopmotion, instead of CGI. His plots are also always old school monster stuff with giant spiders, blobs and all that other stuff that you love. Bite me must have one of the best plots ever, on paper at least, with genetically enhanced marijuana creating giant spiders/ticks that end up on a stripclub, turning their female victims in lesbians. Wow. Well, it isnt really that good in reality, in fact it's probably my least fave Brett Piper movie so far but it is still a decent little romp.

The movies biggest problem is that it looks really, really cheap and that is something that Piper is usually better at. The Imdb states that the budget was 1 million dollars, and imdb cant be wrong, eh? Perhaps cheap isnt the real problem, it looks... dull, even though one of the buildings is in the shape of Godzilla. Another problem is the fact the nasty critters doesnt really do anything, until towards the end when one guy is infected and turns into some sort of psycho who looks like a Nightmare city reject. The actors arent really that exiting either, other than Rob Monkiewicz who seems to have been watching a lot of Bruce Campbell movies and turns in a decent, hammy performance. Misty Mundae is along for the ride and although she may not be the best actor around, she still treats her lines seriously and looks like she has fun doing it. Other than that there isnt much to say about the acting, although the movie gets a bonus for having every single female actress do a nudescene or two.

All in all, this is a standard Brett Piper movie with good, old school stop motion, with a slightly duller script than usual. If you like your budgets low and the ladies naked you will probably enjoy it but I would rather recommend Drainiac, Shock-O-Rama or Bacterium instead.

Now, where is Muckman?!

4 kommentarer:

  1. $1,000,000! Hah! I wish!!!!!!

  2. I thought that SCREAMING DEAD was quite entertaining in a crappy way... And of course there's Misty... But I saw Bite Me a few years ago, but didn't really fancy it so I let it go...

  3. Got this in the mail today and watched it immediately. Really entertaining all the way through. More nudity from Erika Smith would´ve been awesome, though.

  4. Tobias: Yes, I would've liked that too. :)