onsdag 11 november 2009

Favorite horrorsites?

I want to know what sites you regularily visit, to read news and reviews of horror movies. My own personal faves are:

Dvdverdict: A large site that puts up 10-15 reviews a day, more towards mainstream in general but reviews most of the horrordvds that are released and the reviewers are people that like the genre.

Horrordvds: Reviewsite that isnt updated as often as I would like to except in october when they review one dvd every day.

dvd drive-in is another awesome reviewsite with great reviews, and most of it horror and exploitation.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Arrow In The Head was a favorite site for a few years, but they got more lazy with updates and are also focusing more on movies at the cinema. But they are still pretty good reading. Horrordvds and Dvdverdict is good reading to.

  2. 10k Bullets and Eccentric Cinema are pretty good. The latter seem to have nodded off somewhat though.

  3. www.bmoviefilmvault.com

    Not to bad site for b-movies and horror flicks.

  4. You people are mainstream douchebags! There is only one film site that matters: Bleeding Skull, Bleeding Skull, Bleeding Skull!!!


  5. Jack, being an indie/emo/outcast, cannot visit sites that has more than 40 hits a day. On the other side, Bleeding skull is a good site.