måndag 16 november 2009

I'm feeling a bit cranky...

Of course, I'm talking about the Jason Statham doublebill I just had.

So, the story is this: Jason Statham plays hitman Chev Chelios who is dying. In the first movie he needs to keep adrenaline pumping regularily or die, and in the sequel, well. That would be spoilerish. It's basically the same deal but different. This means that Jason Statham does what he does best, running around killing people. In between all this we have, well not much. It's basically just Jason Statham running around killing people and fucking his girlfriend, a wonderfully airheaded Amy Smart.

Part two is the weakest of the two, the plot is weak and it gets worse and worse the closer you get to the end of the movie. The directors supposedly shot 300 hours of footage so I guess that may be one of the reasons but hopefully they can use that for a couple of equally stupid sequels.

If you like your violence fastpaced and full of nudity, then Crank and Crank: High voltage will be right up your alley. Exploitationmovies for the new millenium.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I prefered the sequel over the original. Style over substance is my thing! ;)

  2. I love this stuff. Must get a hold of the sequel soon.