måndag 30 november 2009

Zombieland (2009)

Zombies are good. But are Zombies good when they are in a John Hughes movie? Not that Zombieland is a John Hughes movie, but it sure feels like that at times. There is humor and romance, in a postapocalyptic, zombie-infested setting. Our hero, Columbus, is a neurotic loser who's only social interactions the latest three years are through World of Warcraft, but all of his neurotic rules has, for some mysterious reason, made him an better survivor than most. While trying to reach his hometown and find his parents he first encounters Woody Harrelsons hilarious Tallahassee, a grumpy man in search of twinkies. They arent exactly friends at start, mostly due to our hero being an annoying little twit but soon strike up a friendship. After a while they meet up two young sisters who cons them out of their car (twice) but some sort of agreement is reached while the journey continues.

Yes, there is no real plot here. The thing about Columbus trying to reach his parents is forgotten halfway through the movie, on purpose, and the rest of the movie is basically about killing zombies, serving us with a great cameo and getting Columbus and one of the sisters to hook up. Not that that is a bad thing, it just feels a bit unfinished. But still, it is a very entertaining movie with goofy, likable characters and loads of nice grue and fun settings. Very recommended

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  1. And remember that it steals it's finale from Nightmare City, zombie in an entertainment park ;)