fredag 27 november 2009

Dead in the water (2006)

Does the world really need more cheap zombiemovies? That answer would be yes, but I do prefer when the movies contain enormous servings of gore. Dead in the water is a nice try, with a decent plot, decent actors and a great location but it barely has any gore at all! Zombies eat people. Onscreen. not take a bite or two out of them offscreen. Shame on you!

With that out of my system I must say that Dead in the water is a nice try. It misses out on a lot of horror with it's slow pace and cheap makeup effects which is a shame since the storyline is effective. Two couples, with their own issues and problems of course, travel to a cabin to visit the two womens parents. When they arrive the cabin is locked and the older couple nowhere in sight. They start looking and soon find a severed arm down by the lake and one of the girls is injured while picking it up from the water. Needing a first aid kit, they break into the cabin and find it smashed to pieces, with the parents missing and wouldnt you know, the car breaks down. Yes, the living dead are lurking in the forest and it will be a long night.

Not bad, but not really good either. It takes an awful lot of time before anything major happens. Never boring but never really exciting, the movie does show some potential and I look forward to seeing more from the filmmakers if they get a chance to do a movie with a bugger budget. An average, somewhat unbloody zombiemovie. Not something I would recommend but on the other hand I wouldnt tell anyone not to see it either. Grade ok.

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