tisdag 24 november 2009

Time Walker (1982)

Ok, the poster gives away just about the whole movie, and the trailer does a fine job with that too so there will be spoilers. The mummy is a extraterrestrial! Not just any extraterrestrial, but one full of a deadly fungus that works like a flesheating disease on a sugar rush. Awesome concept. Too bad the movie is so... pedestrian.

It starts well, with a bit of dialogue over some stock footage until our hero finds a previously undiscovered mummy in the tomb of Tutankhamon. They bring it to a California university and while blasting it with some radioactivity, one of the students discover 5 jewels in a hidden compartment which he steals. Well, and this wont come as a surprise, radioactivity awakens the mummy which also is encrusted with that deadly fungus. It starts wandering around the campus looking for the stolen jewels and the people in possession of them tends to meet a sticky, yet ungory, fate. But what is the spacemummy really after?

Timewalker looks good on paper, and has a really good trailer which I saw dozens of times back in the 80s, but for some reason I never saw the movie. Not that I missed much. The story is sound, the production values are ok but the whole thing is filmed like a tv-movie, which it could've been if it werent for a few quick glimpses of breasts. The script is the movies own worst enemy which has the mummy roaming around in the universitys own nuclear reactor and not doing much until the last 20 minutes. Timewalekr plods on in a decent pace but people behave pretty dumb and the ending... well, I assume they wanted a sequel but that is so stupid and the sfx of the alien without the wrappings... dimestore. still, the movie has a bit of that typical 80:s movieambience and is never actually boring. The mummy itself looks good and so does the flesheating disease. It is definately not worth the 2.1 grade that it has on Imdb but thats the fucking MS3TK syndrome for you. Assholes

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