onsdag 18 november 2009

The Offspring (2009)

I never liked the last part of Mad Max Beyond thunderdome, that part with the childtribe. It ate away on the harsh bits of Max surviving in the wasteland and just felt plain goofy. Andrew Van Den Houtens The Offspring is based on a novel by Jack Ketchum where a small tribe of feral children are eating their way through the local population of a small town. Strangely enough, the movie is based upon a second book, which means that some of the characters are survivors of an earlier attack, a move that feels really strange at first, but works just fine onscreen. The feral children are handled a bit more "adult" than in the Mad Max movie, but still feel odd with their hairextensions and silly grins. The nonhumanactors are ok to good though and everything works in the context of the story. I just might have to get the books.

But, as you all are waiting for, is it gory? Yes. Very. Guts are torn out and eaten, tops of heads are lopped off and its overall a very violent and rather sexual picture. So violent that my girlfriend barely watched it through. It's a good sign when your spouse squirms and cant sit down after barely half of the movie. It's not a very special movie, it's a movie about feral cannibals and the gorequota is good. You know what to expect. And it's way more entertaining than that stupid "punk"-band.

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  1. Is it worth my while? Have to check it out anyway since I've read one or two Ketchums myself... Strange, perhaps they're going to put up "Off Season" as prequel ;-) If I'm not mistaken I also read Offspring before Off Season ...

  2. The two books are great(especially the first). Strange that they did not make the movie based on the first book?

    Jack Ketchum books are highly recommended.
    I think I got to see this movie too =)