måndag 2 november 2009

Ren zhe wu di aka Five element ninjas (1982)

More Shaw Brothers!

Five element ninjas is about two different martial arts clans battling out. The good guys are winning, that is until the bad guys bring in ninjas. What follows is 105 minutes of kick ass kung fu with lots of cool weaponry and fight styles. Almost too much of the good stuff. The plot is silly but entertaining, just fight upon fight upon fight and in the end I felt the movie could've been 20 minutes shorter. The fights are bloody though and never gets boring, but I actually had to take a short break toward the end.

Still good fun of course, and the haircuts are mindblowing. A decent, violent kung fu movie that would have benefitted from some nudity but in the end is good stuff for the fans. I dont regret buying it but I was perhaps expecting more after that masterpiece that was Portrait in crystal but still, you cant dislike this kind of goodnatured fun.

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