torsdag 4 mars 2010

Doghouse (2009)

I liked Jake Wests Evil aliens, a fun little movie full of gore and aliens and while it was a bit juvenile at times and too derivative of Peter Jacksons earliest goremovie, it was still always entertaing and full of gore which cant be a bad thing if treated with love. Here comes Doghouse, Wests latest project where he obviously has gotten a decent budget which means he can afford better actors and good production values. Too bad he wastes it all on a script like this.

So, a group of guy friends are taking a holiday in a small town to help one of their friends get over his recent divorce. Unknownst to them, the town they have chosen is exactly the right to place to do just that, since it's the site of some sort of event that has turned all the women into murderous zombies. Yes, this means there will be a lot of trash talk about females and relationships with them. Actually, there will be a lot of unfunny trash talk. The humour in this movie never really works, in spite of the fact that it is delivered by a group of very talented actors. The idea that women would turn into zombies could be made into a rather intriguing movie, but this sure as hell isnt it. Which sucks because Jake West handles the moviemaking bits with considerable skill. The horrorsequences are handled really well and the movie itself moves at a good pace with a fair amount of well executed bloody grue. In fact, this proves to me that if West finds good material, his next movie will be something to look forward to. As for Doghouse, if you can stand the stupid humour it makes for decent viewing. It's well done and gory, which I suppose makes up for some of its faults. Until next time, West.

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  1. Danny Dyer, say no more!

    I had actually forgotten that i had seen this one. Probably not good grade for the movie but, hey. At least Dyer was in it ;D