söndag 28 mars 2010

The Fourth kind (2009)

One of the worst movies I have seen in my entire life is Olatunde Osunsanmis WIthIN aka The Cavern, a movie so crappy looking that I still wonder if there was some kind of error on my dvd. For some mysterious reason someone out there saw the movie and decided that, yes, we want to give this man 10 million dollars to make another movie. How stupid can you be?!

But, this actually paid off.

The Fourth kind is a mockumentary whose gimmick is that it claims to partray the truth by having the actors tell the audience that they are indeed actors, all while showing the "real" footage of the people involved in the story that actors intends to portray. This is a gimmick that works just fine, although I had my doubts in the beginning of the movie, and it slowly grows on you until about halfway where the story finally got you in its grip. Storywise though, the movie doesnt really have anything new to come up with, but the presentation makes it work.
So, what is the story then? Well, there's this little town in Alaska where there has been an awful lot of mysterious dissapearances. The movie follows a widowed psychologist (Milla Jojovich) who have been interviewing people about strange recurring dreams. When she hypnotises them they reveal a more horrible story, something that might be alien abductions. Of course, the local police refuse to be believe her but when the threat comes even closer, things get weird.

This is nothing new and it feels somewhat odd that the scary parts feels more supernatural than alien, but the concept works thanks to good actors and never revealing too much of whats going on. Another plus is that the movie looks incredibly good with gorgeous Bulgarian woods standing in for the Alaskan town. By the way, did you notice that Milla Jojovich lives in the exakt same house as the family in Wicked little things, the childzombie movie from a few years back? So, my opinion on Olatunde Osunsanmi is slightly raised now. The Fourth kind is a good little horror flick that will give you a buch of nice chills and is recommended viewing.

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